How much value is added to your bakery business once you let our engineers develop your processing equipment? Let’s first agree on a clear and comprehensive definition of what we mean by ‘added value’. At Divardy we define added value as:

“The combined gains in productivity, food safety, food quality, and sustainability of Divardy Bakery Systems & Services, related to your current system performances.”

Let’s examine each of these added values in detail:

Food Safety & Food Quality

At Divardy, each product engineering and development trajectory starts off 

with a thorough assessment of your functional needs and production environment circumstances.

This information is fed into the engineering phase of your project. It helps our engineers and product developers to establish a strong foundation for consistent bakery process performance.

This approach also contributes to a clear understanding of the framework within which our engineers can develop innovative solutions that will continually add value during the entire product lifecycle of your installation.

During this process, Divardy engineers also watch over the modularity aspects of your equipment design, so that you can confidently expand your business in the future.

Productivity & Sustainability

Your business and technical processing needs help our engineers to develop a clear understanding of your productivity and sustainability performance requirements, after which they translate them into effective technology solutions.

Divardy engineers know how these requirements relate to each other.They design, engineer, and develop your solution by combining our technical expertise and hands-on experience with a ‘less is more’ design philosophy.

DBS is specialized in open design and in applying standard components to realize better cleanability, shorter cleaning time intervals, and reduced water and cleaning chemical usage. In short: partner up with DBS to achieve optimal productivity and sustainability gains.